Literacy - Reading

If your child is finding learning to read a challenge, my intervention programmes will develop your child’s skills by;

  1. Ensuring an understanding of basic skills essential to reading
  2. Reinforcement and practice of letter/sound recognition
  3. Fun activities to develop segmenting and blending skills
  4. Strategies for tricky words

Above all I aim to make reading an enjoyable and purposeful activity.


Literacy - Reading Comprehension

If your child has difficulty in understanding the meaning of a text, there may be underlying causes for this. I will investigate your child’s;

  1. Understanding of sentences
  2. Inference skills
  3. Understanding of vocabulary and key concepts

I will develop key skills for reading comprehension through a structured programme of both practical and written activities.


Literacy - Spelling

If your child finds spelling difficult I will;

  1. Provide intervention to ensure they have a good understanding of the underlying skills for spelling, e.g. syllable awareness and segmenting and blending skills.
  2. Provide systematic opportunities to practice spelling skills.
  3. Work through multi-sensory activities to reinforce skills.
  4. Provide strategies to remember tricky words and spelling patterns.

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